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Modules and Features


General / Key Features


Established 2006, continually improved since then 


Completely web-/browser-based solution - no locally installed software,  
worldwide access


Pilots collect and enter data and vouchers literally „on the fly“


Paperless operation for the backoffice


Access to data and functions based on role-based security and individual user rights

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1. Master Data




Pilots, crew members, technical staff/CAMO, backend staff, administration


Airports (optionally: integragtion of AC-U-KWIK data)


Handling agents, FBOs, caterers etc.


Customers and contact persons



2. Dispatch


Creation and management of legs/flights


Week-based overview of schedules for all aircrafts


Linking of one or more flights/legs to orders


Automatic creation of crew briefing, pax briefing and handling orders


Creation of confirmations


Creation of orders


Creation and management of invoices

3. Pilots


Management of licenses, checks and ratings, passports and visa


Overview of almost due and due licenses, checks and ratings


Management of duty times covering all legal requirements

4. Reporting


Flight logs


Tech logs


Load sheets


Aircraft search


Dangerous goods




Pet approval




Air traffic taxes


Fuel usage

Is anything missing?  
If so, do not hesitate to ask us for implementation of new functions and features!


Monthly usage fee including hosting of all data in a secure, redundant environment with 
backup of all data. Usage fee depending on modules used, number of aircrafts and number 
of users.

Phone: +49 170 5866181